Fabhesive - Prevents Skirt From Twisting and Rotating Around Waist ( 6 Pack)
Add Fabhesive to Waistband to Keep Skirt in Place
Fabhesive is a must have product to keep you looking professional at work and avoiding wardrobe issues.
Fabhesive is a double sided tape, with gripping material on one side and adhesive on the other that sticks to waistband.  Keeps a skirt in place.
Fabhesive is a rubberized grip strip that sticks to inside waistband.  Reusable tape up to three times.
Clothing Tape for Skirts-Fabhesive

Fabhesive - Prevents Skirt From Twisting and Rotating Around Waist ( 6 Pack)

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Fabhesive is a simple solution to prevent skirts from twisting, turning, and rotating around waist.

These adhesive strips have an outer layer of a rubberized material that keeps your skirt in place all day long. While you may have used double-sided tape and felt let down before, have no fear with Fabhesive! Our product provides a firm hold, it's easy to remove, and each strip can be used 2-3 times. It's time to start keeping your zipper and slit in the back where they belong!

  • Stops skirt from rotating while you walk.
  • Strips are 3mm thick
  • Designed to adhere to fabric or bare skin, so you can wear your favorite blouse and shirt tucked in or out. 
  • Reusable 
  • Made in USA

(6) Reusable Adhesive Strips per box




  • To reuse Fabhesive, GENTLY remove from the skirt and stick to the original backing.
  • Fabhesive was designed to stay on and not fall off.  If residue from the adhesive remains on fabric simply remove with rubbing alcohol or an adhesive remover.  
  • Don't forget to remove strips before washing or dry cleaning
  • Discontinue use if irritation occurs
  • Pretest fabrics that are delicate