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Fabhesive is a simple, no-sew solution to prevent skirts from twisting and turning around waist.

These adhesive strips have an outer layer of a rubberized material that keeps your skirt in place all day long. While you may have used double-sided tape and felt let down before, have no fear with Fabhesive! Our product provides a firm hold, it's easy to remove, and each strip is reusable! It can be used up to 3 times or longer as long as it remains sticky.

(6) Reusable Adhesive Strips per box

Care Instructions

To reuse Fabhesive strips, Gently remove from clothing and to stick to the original square paper backing.

Fabhesive was designed to stay on and not fall off. If residue from the adhesive remains on fabric simply remove with rubbing alcohol or an adhesive remove.

Don't forget to remove strips before washing or dry cleaning

Discontinue use if irritation occurs

Pretest fabrics that are delicate


Length: 3 inches, Width: 1 Inch. Thickness: 3mm

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