Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fabhesive? 

Fabhesive is a reusable adhesive grip strip with a unique outer layer of rubberized material.  This is not typical double-sided clothing tape and was specially designed to prevent a skirt from rotating around. It will even keep a shirt tucked-in and that is why we created our second product Shirt Grips™, which a thinner version of our original product, designed to keep a shirt neatly tucked. 

What is the thickness of the strip, will I see it under my clothes? 

The thickness of the the Fabhesive strip is 3mm.  It was designed to be thicker to close the gap between the waist and hip for a more secure skirt fit.  If properly placed on the waistband you will not be able to see if from the outside when used with thicker type work skirts.  If the material of the skirt is very thin (e.g. silk) you might see if from the outside only if you tuck in a shirt.  If you need a thinner option- try the Shirt Grips™ which will keep your shirt tucked and if gripping to the shirt the skirt will stay in place as well.

What is the difference between Fabhesive and  Shirt Grips™

The original Fabhesive product was designed to be thicker to prevent a skirt from rotating around the waist and will also keep a shirt tucked in.  Since Fabhesive served the dual purpose of preventing a skirt from rotating as well as keeping a shirt tucked in, we decided to create a second product that is a thinner version to keep shirts tucked in.  

Is Fabhesive reusable? 

Yes, up to three times or longer. As long as it remains sticky continue to use. Just simply place on the white paper backing and save for next time. 

Will it leave a residue? 

The Fabhesive strips were designed to stay on the inside waistand until gently removed. Remove promptly after each use and do not leave on garment permanently. In rare occurrences if residue is left behind, simply using a little rubbing alcohol or an adhesive remover product to remove. Test on gentle fabrics.