Tara Fuller

Founder Story

It all started on a rainy morning, I was on my way to work, umbrella in one hand, purse in the other. My favorite pencil skirt started to rotate until the zipper and slit were in the front. My skirt twisted and my both of my hands were not free to adjust it back into place. I walked 8 blocks to work with my skirt on sideways! I was so embarrassed and frustrated that I couldn't adjust it back into place. 

When I finally arrived at work, I shared my frustration with the women in the office and realized after conversation that all the women had experienced a skirt out of place before. It was my lightbulb moment! I was determined to find a solution for a fashion problem, that turned out to be all too common. 

From that moment on, I spent every spare minute outside my nine to five job trying to create a solution that worked and I did! Fabhesive is now sold worldwide.
I am now on a mission to save skirt-wearers everywhere and introduce products that make you feel comfortable and confident in what you wear!



 Tara Fuller Fabhesive Founder