Founder Story

How I came up with Fabhesive

It all started on a rainy morning, I was on my way to work, umbrella in one hand, purse in the other. My favorite pencil skirt started to rotate until the zipper and slit were in the front. I looked a mess, my skirt twisted and my both of my hands were not free to adjust it back into place. I walked 8 blocks to work with my skirt on sideways. I was so embarrassed and frustrated that I couldn't adjust it back into place. 

When I finally arrived at work, I shared my frustration with the women in the office and realized after conversation that all the women had experienced a skirt out of place before. It was my lightbulb moment! I was determined to find a solution for a fashion problem, that turned out to be all too common. I remember saying to my coworker, "I'm going to come up with something, there has to be a way." 


From that moment on, I spent every spare minute outside my nine to five job trying to create a solution that worked. Every prototype I made by hand and to test them I wore the same skirt that was guilty of rotating. After several attempts, I finally found a winning solution. I was so excited when I realized I didn't have to shift my skirt back into place the entire work day!  

Once I realized I found a solution that worked, I shared with friends (even though I knew the design was not quite right yet) however they tried it and it worked for them. Step one was done...a functioning product!  I then spent time trying to make the design of the strips to look more professional. It took a while, but finally got it right. I was now on a mission to save skirt-wearers everywhere and finally launched a business after a year of hard work and dedication.

I never stopped researching and learning at every step of my journey. I was motivated to turn my passion into a business, and knew that I had an idea that would work and a product that would solve a problem. 


Fabhesive- How I came up with a solution for the twisting skirt


Persistence and passion helped me at every obstacle. Whether it was manufacturers not wanting to deal with me as a solo entrepreneur, or having to build a website and a PR strategy without a big budget. I made it work my way, still employed full time while also developing a product on my kitchen table. It has been a long journey to get to this point and hope you like Fabhesive! 


Tara Fuller
CEO & Founder of Fabhesive



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