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Goodbye Twisting Skirts, Hello Fabhesive!

The twisting skirt is a wardrobe annoyance most women experience. You must have tried safety pins, two-sided tape, and nothing works. Who has time to tailor every single skirt you own? When you wear a skirt, especially to the office for eight hours, why should you worry about fixing your skirt at every step you take. That is why Fabhesive was created. A solution to keep your skirt straight and in place all day long!

  • What is Fabhesive?

    Fabhesive is a reusable adhesive grip strip that sticks to the inside waistband to prevent skirt from rotating around. The strips are thicker by design to reduce the gap between your waist and hip for a more secure skirt fit. The gripping material not only grips to a shirt, but will also comfortably stick to skin if a shirt is not tucked in. It will keep your skirt in place either way!

  • Fabhesive sticks to inside waistband to prevent skirt from twisting around

    Stick-on Solution

    Simply peel from the white paper backing and stick on the inside waistband. Use 4 strips, one on each side, one in the back and one in front for extra hold. Reusable up to 2 to 3 times or more!

  • Ready for the Day!

    Instead of taking extra trips to the bathroom, fidgeting with the seams, and checking your reflection in the window, you can now focus on what really matters. Look perfectly polished from 9 to 5.

Fabhesive Shirt Grips™

One very frustrating thing when it comes to wearing shirts is keeping them tucked in through the day. Whether you are walking to the office, sitting, standing up or raising arm; your shirt will slowly creep out of your pants multiple times a day. Annoying, right?

Shirt Grip strips are thinner than the original Fabhesive skirt product, but works the same way. The strips stick to inside waistband of pants to prevent shirts from coming untucked.

A simple alternative to the traditional shirt stays, designed for both men and women. Guaranteed to keep your shirt tucked in!