The Number One Solution to Stop Skirts from Twisting Around- Fabhesive

The Number One Solution to Stop Skirts From Twisting Around—Fabhesive

The Number One Solution to Stop Skirts From Twisting Around—Fabhesive

Prior to creating Fabhesive, I spent a good deal of time researching how to keep your shirt tucked in skirts and how to prevent skirts from rotating.  Stopping skirts from twisting around was my number one focus. But everything that I found failed to work. 

Part of solving this problem is figuring out why it happens to begin with. While there are several reasons that could cause your skirt from twisting, but two of the most common are your body type and the style of the skirt you’re wearing. 

For me personally, tailoring didn’t even solve the problem because my waist is smaller than my hips. Despite my troubles, I was determined to stop the rotating skirt I dealt with on a day-to-day basis because I was not about to give up my love for wearing skirts. 

I was dissapointed every time I found the cutest pencil skirt, wore it for a single day, and then I couldn’t get my shirt tucked in correctly or it just wouldn’t stop rotating around. I’d put it back in my closet and look longingly at what could have been. 

While I did my research to remedy this situation, I talked to some coworkers who said they don’t even wear skirts—even though they love wearing them—because of the same exact problem! 

There had to be a solution! 

What we needed was a solution that was easy to use and had enough gripping power to keep a shirt tucked in neatly.

Then, I found it. I came up with a fashion tape that would stop skirts from twisting around for good. I called it Fabhesive. It finally did the trick! 

I gave my newly invented product to coworkers and friends to try out. It worked for them too! Their skirt stayed put all day long. I was so excited!  Ever since I’ve been on a mission to save fellow skirt wearers from stopping the rotating skirt for good.


Introducing the new genius trick to keep your skirt seams firmly in place for good. 

  1. What you need: Fabhesive

  2. What you do: Adjust your skirt so it’s in its proper place, then simply stick the strips around the inside waistband of the skirt.  One in the front, back and one on each side.  

  3. Why this works: Fabhesive is specially designed with an outer layer of a rubberized gripping fabric.  The thickness of the strip closes the gap between the hip and waist, which is the reason skirts rotate in the first place.  Problem solved!  Fabhesive is the only solution for the rotating skirt problem.  

Here are some other reasons why Fabhesive is the perfect solution for twisting skirts: 

It’s Reusable: Unlike other fashion tape products, Fabhesive is totally reusable. Use it up to three times with proper care. 

Unmovable Grip: A far cry from your average clothing tape, Fabhesive has its own outer layer of rubberized gripping materials that can be applied to your waistband and prevent your skirt from falling off or moving. It is anything but your standard clothing tape. 

Makes It Easy to Tuck Your Shirt In: Most tools that stop skirts from twisting around also prevent you from tucking in your shirt—think safety pins, clips, and tights. But Fabhesive lets you neatly tuck in your shirt or leave it out, whatever you prefer. Keep your shirt in either way.

Easy & Convenient: Fabhesive is also easy to use, you never have to sew it in. Just peel it, stick it, and go! 

Try out Fabhesive today! I know you won’t be disappointed. 

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