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How to Look Professional & Stylish At Work (Bonus Style Tips!)

How to Look Professional & Stylish At Work (Bonus Style Tips!)

The way you present yourself at work affects how your boss and co-workers perceive you. 

It could even prevent you from getting a promotion (so not cool). 

But what if you’re not sure what to wear to work?

The good news is, even if you’re fashion illiterate, there are a few simple style tips that can help. 

Sometimes we are making serious wardrobe errors and don’t even know it! 

So, let’s get to it. Here are 4 workplace fashion style tips to keep you climbing the corporate ladder. 

Tip #1. Choose Quality Over Quantity.

A solid workplace wardrobe includes high-quality staple pieces. Why pay extra for your business fashion? Because in the long run, it pays off. 

A few quality clothing pieces give you plenty of outfit options and they will last. 

Pay attention to the craftsmanship of the brands you buy and the quality of the fabric. Once you make a purchase, be sure to follow the tags for care. 


Tip #2. Dress for Your Industry

Workplace fashion for women is industry specific. 

What would appropriate for an office engineer obviously wouldn’t be appropriate for a research scientist. 

Think about your job and what makes sense logically to wear there. 

Also, pay attention to upper management for wardrobe standards. 


Tip #3. Swap Trends for Authenticity

When you’re thinking about what to wear to work, the first thing that might come to mind are fashion trends. 

But not so fast. 

Your fashion choices are a great way to showcase your personality and commitment to your role. 

Focus on clothing choices that make you feel elegant, powerful, and classy. Ditch the latest trends and be yourself. 


Tip #4. Wear Clothing That Fits!

This sounds obvious, but sometimes we buy items that look great in the dressing room, but as soon as we get it on for the workday it makes us look out of sorts. 

Pencil skirts are a prime example. 

Every woman who has ever worn one knows how skirts can twist and leave us looking like a mess. 

Fortunately, Fabhesive fixes this issue with an easy reusable adhesive strip you can apply to any skirt you wear and prevents it from twisting around your waist. If you love to wear skirts, think about using our product to look your best at the office. 


Summin’ it Up

Use these style tips to maximize your time at the office! You’ll look great and feel like the professional you know you are! 

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