Keep Your Shirt Tucked in- Shirt Grips

Keep Your Shirt Tucked in- Shirt Grips


One very annoying thing when it comes to wearing shirts is keeping them tucked in throughout the day. Whether you are walking to the office, sitting, standing up or raising arm; your shirt will slowly creep out of your pants or skirt multiple times a day. Many men and women struggle with this issue on a daily basis, which is both annoying and frustrating.

A tucked in shirt is important for a professional look especially for the office. 

Solving this problem has been an inspiration to many in the fashion industry in finding something that will work for both men and women. It has to be small, invisible and comfortable. That is why we at Fabhesive have been fully dedicated to finding the right solution for this problem and we are proud to present Shirt Grips. An innovative solution that will prevent a shirt or blouse from coming untucked, no matter if they are long or short. 

What is Shirt Grips? 

Shirt Grips prevents a shirt or blouse from coming untucked

Shirt Grips come as a solution for anyone having trouble with keeping their shirts tucked in. The grips are small and precisely designed to fit inside the waistband of pants or skirts.  The composition and the fabric they are made of is perfect to keep the shirt tucked in, without allowing it to move and pull off. They are very thin, which is good for many reasons: the thinner design is a much more comfortable and practical solution that is new and better from all the similar solutions like shirt stays and waist belts.  So, what in fact, holds the shirt from moving? Well, it is the fabric that the grip is made of that plays a crucial role for this purpose. It is a reusable adhesive grip strip featuring a unique layer of rubberized material that grips to the shirt and prevents it from billowing or coming untucked.

How does the Shirt Grips work?


The Shirt Grips, when appropriately positioned, will prevent the shirt from coming untucked.

There are 12 strips per box and they are even REUSABLE.

Simply peel from the white paper liner and place around the inside waistband. The rubberized material faces outward. It is recommended to use 4 strips; one on each side, one in the back on and one in the front.  Add more as needed for extra grip! After use, gently remove and place the strips back on the white paper liner to save for next time.  The strips are reusable up to three times or longer with proper care.  The strips were designed to stay on your waistband and not fall off. If adhesive residue remains on fabric after peeling off, GENTLY remove with rubbing alcohol.  

Shirt Grips are a smart, easy and dependable solution that makes wearing the shirts easy and comfortable, all day long. They will make your life much easier and you will never ever have to reach the back or to the sides again to see whether the shirt is in or out.



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