Hi, I’m Tara Fuller! While I may seem like just your average gal, I'm actually on a mission -- a mission to keep your skirt in place. As the founder and inventor of Fabhesive, I’ve finally found a solution for that embarrassing twisty-skirt problem that so many of us suffer from.
Here you are one minute wearing a totally gorgeous outfit & admiring yourself and the next you're yanking your skirt in circles trying to make sure the zipper & slits are where they actually belong! You know that frustrating moment I'm talkin' about, right?
As a professional skirt wearing woman, I’ve dealt with far more mortifying skirt related incidents than I’d like to recall. While I thought maybe I was the only one, in a fit of wardrobe-induced frustration at the office one day, I asked a co-worker if her skirt ever twisted around when she walked. Her answer? A very emphatic “YES!”  

While bonding over the sheer annoyance of the twisty skirt phenomenon, it suddenly became clear to me that I was meant to save women everywhere from this loathsome problem! I vowed then and there to find a solution...and I did. 

Say hello to my new favorite save-me-from-embarrassing-moments must have -- Fabhesive!

Fabhesive is a unique product designed specifically to keep skirts in place. Forget the days of bulky safety pins and two-sided tape that won’t hold. Now you finally have a practical and extremely effective solution for the wayward rotating skirt!

Fabhesive’s strong, durable (yet soft!), adhesive grip strips stick to the inside waistband of any skirt and hold it in place all day.  And even better? They’re reusable. If maintained properly, you can easily get two to three uses out of each strip! 

After trying out Fabhesive for the first time and seeing it work for me, I was ready to help save the other women in my office from their spinning skirts. And now I'm here to save skirt-wearers everywhere! 

So say goodbye to those twisty, frustrating skirts & let them know who's in charge with Fabhesive.


Sayonara twisty skirts; your days of winning are over at last!